How COVID 19 Affects Mental Health And Substance Abuse

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Today's video we're going to be giving an update on Covid-19 and how it has affected mental health substance use in the united states.

So i have a bunch of data for you guys and honestly i know being stuck in your house from any kind of lockdown's going to negatively affect a lot of people's mental health from losing a job, not being able to go to school, all of these things are going to impact our mental health as a society but doing the research and looking at some of these statistics it's really jarring on how much these lockdowns and covid in general has affected mental health of our neighbors and ourselves.

So let's go through some of these statistics and talk about some of these impacts that this pandemic has had on everybody and also at the end of the video we're going to go through some mental health tips and some regular health tips that i don't see shared enough on how to stay mentally and physically healthy during this time.

So one topic that i wanted to definitely talk about in this video when it comes to stats since this pandemic has started and that is drug overdoses.

Unfortunately last year we had the highest drug overdoses ever it was the highest recorded year before that, it was in 2018.

The first dip that we actually had in drug overdoses in years it was the first time that drug overdoses went down, the next year they were last year 2019 was the highest ever recorded year for overdose deaths.

Since covid 19 pandemic really overdoses have skyrocketed in my opinion that could be because people are maybe buying from new dealers that they don't know, maybe they're turning from prescription painkillers to street drugs because maybe they can't go see their doctor or they can't afford them because they've lost their jobs

Or maybe they've lost their health insurance and can't afford to get their medications filled at the pharmacy, so there's a lot of different things going on here but one thing that really stuck out to me was drug overdose just killed more Ohio-ans people from ohio in may than any month in the last 14 years.

Guys you know the last 14 years have been devastating as far as drug overdoses go especially in ohio that is just unbelievable even more of a reason to get narcan you guys can get narcan by going to either walgreens or cvs you don't need a prescription all you have to do is ask the pharmacist and they will get it ready for you.

Hospital emergency department visits from opiate overdose have increased 42% from april to may so from april to may people going to the emergency room due to some sort of opioid overdose increased 42% across the country beyond this 42% increase of hospitalizations due to opioid overdose.

54 of organizations have had to close programs and 65% of organizations have had to turn away patients during this pandemic and this is from a survey from The National Council of Behavioral Health who i am certified through thank you very much.

So 54 of these organizations have closed their doors and at the same time there has been a 50 percent increase of people requesting and needing services from these organizations and according to the cdc 40 of americans report struggling with mental health during this pandemic.

Moreover on mental health i wanted to talk about death by suicide which is the 10th leading cause of death in america.

One in four people ages 18 to 24 seriously contemplated suicide in june, one in four 18 to 24 year olds a quarter of our young people like i said earlier there was a 40 increase in adults saying that they were struggling with mental health or substance use.

Anxiety depression symptoms were up 31 trauma or stressor related disorders were up 26 13 of people started or increased substance use and 11 percent of people seriously consider suicide beyond illegal drugs beyond death by suicide.

Alcohol sales have risen by 243% that is a staggering number 243 increase in alcohol sales in the united states if you watch my videos you know that alcohol is the deadliest drug out there.

It kills more people every single year than all of the other drugs combined besides tobacco and you know this is really really staggering alcohol is one of the two drugs that you need to have a medical detox inside of a detox hospital-like center.

It is the one of two drugs that you can die from detoxing off of it causes so many health problems and it makes you more apt to get sick and you know it's just really crazy and it's sad and it is a idea of how badly people are hurting now that we've gone over all these super depressing statistics.

So let's talk about some positive things let's talk about how we can turn this around and let's talk about what we can do to be healthier, physically and mentally not only for ourselves but for our neighbors and to lead by example.

First of all stay active avoiding large crowds is a mean avoiding nature if you live by the coast like i do go to the beach, go to the mountains, go to the nature preserve. I just got lost in nature preserved literally like three days ago it was super fun.

Go outside get some fresh air, go for a walk. You don't need to like become a five mile runner overnight you know just get your body moving especially if like me you're working from home all day so stay active.

Get adequate sleep i know for some people especially if you're not working if i'm not working it totally throws my routine off and i will stay up all night binge watching a tv show. Try not to do that keep your routine go to bed wake up do your chores etc diet and nutrition are super important for me.

I started taking a bunch of vitamins in the beginning of covid things like zinc, vitamin d, uh you know women's multivitamin and i take a tablespoon of elderberry every single day it's really important to get those whole foods dark leafy greens, oranges, tomatoes, fresh herbs, all those things have tons of minerals and are rich in vitamins and fibers that your body needs to be optimally running at its best self-care.

Overall wellness is also super important if you want take the time to meditate.

There are so many different meditation apps and yoga apps that like. I downloaded during the beginning of covid that i still use today that is pretty cool.I think extra stress extra anxiety all that stuff really weakens your immune system so if we're not mentally well physically it still affects us so it's really important to not only take care of yourself physically but mentally as well because you don't want to get sick period flu season is coming regardless of coping.

It's important to stay healthy now with covid telemedicine is so widely accepted and able to be utilized totally utilize telemedicine.

Call your therapist over the phone they have different apps if you're in recovery sober buddies one of them that i have downloaded but there's a multitude of different apps so you can talk to people they have so many zoom aaa meetings if you guys are in the program aaa or n a they have a bunch of zoom meetings smart recovery too they have online church i always go onto facebook and kind of like look through the events that they're having there's always a bunch of really cool online events so if you don't want to leave your house and you want to stay home.

You can always interact with people like that camaraderie is so important in my opinion addiction is really a form of disconnection it's so important for me to be connected to my family and the people that i love um i think that's really important for everybody so many cool things out now that you can do with your friends and family over the phone over the computer and you know if you can see them in person taking all the precautions pre-call precautions and this is me not telling you all the things that everyone's been shoving down your throat for like six months now we all know wash your hands, wear a mask, don't go near people, don't do this you guys know all the things that you can do.

There are so many more things that i feel like i don't hear anyone talking about enough i don't since covID started i don't think anyone's told me to sleep eight hours a day, drink enough water, and take my vitamins, because i promise you that will have so much more of an impact god forbids accidentally get COVID your body is in such better shape to fight it off and keep you well if you have been having a steady healthy diet steady healthy sleep schedule you're hydrated and you're feeling good mentally.

So guys i just wanted to show you all the really cool apps that are out there right now like for mental health for instance there's so many apps where you can just chat with somebody over the app using your insurance or your medicaid or your medicare.

There are some really great yoga apps me personally i downloaded one during the beginning of covid and i am like im a yoga pro now this one is the one that i downloaded the daily yoga and i really really like it there's some really cool meditation apps headspace has been really popular and they actually have some sort of promo going on i talked about it in my last video.

Also sober buddy super cute virtual recovery coach i don't know why i just love his little blue like fluffy hair so much but i think it's kind of cool.

Then i found this other app just the other day it's actually called lucid and that's supposed to be a really really cool kind of like community based recovery app as well so hopefully some of this helps you guys out if you didn't know that these apps are out there.

I hope if you guys find them that you take the time and check them out and i hope they make a positive impact in your life like they have mine and help you stay mentally and physically fit during covid if you or anyone you know is struggling during this time.

Addiction Helpline America is always there to help, you can always find us on facebook, on you tube or go to our website at

If anyone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide they can call the national suicide prevention lifeline which is 800-273-8255 i'll link that number down below if you or someone you know is struggling with domestic violence i'm also gonna link a number for that down below hopefully i can give you guys enough resources to get you through this tough time.

If you think of anything that i forgot when it comes to staying healthy please comment them down below together we are better so take care of your neighbor and take care of yourself and i love you all

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