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Hey guys, welcome back. Allie Severino here with Addiction Helpline America. Today, I just wanted to post a really quick, simple video for you guys on how to navigate our site and exactly what’s on it. We’ve been posting some awesome content on Facebook, on Instagram, and here on YouTube recently, but I really, really want to show you guys through our actual website because there’s so much good stuff on there. Our site has a bunch of resources in every single state. So there’s literally a whole ton of information from every detox, PHP, IOP, OP, Medication Assisted Treatment facility in every single state located on the site. You can literally click your state and type in what you’re looking for, whether it’s detox or whatever. So you can put that right on the site. I’m going to show you guys weren’t how to do that. Also, tons of resources and educational materials. So maybe if you’re a loved one who notice your brother, sister, mom, dad, husband, wife is maybe starting to misuse or abuse alcohol, opiates, benzos, something like that, you can read a little bit more on that drug, learn a little bit about signs to look for, and you know, maybe how to approach them. All different kinds of stuff. So I just want to show you guys the basis of Addiction Helpline America and how it can help everybody in their lives.

One in four families are affected by addiction. And at the end of the day, everybody’s affected. We either know someone who is struggling, or we’re friends with a loved one who is struggling because the person they love is struggling so badly, and they just don’t know how to help. So I really hope that this website gives you guys enough resources and education to be able to make really solid decisions when it comes to this.

It’s hard in the age of Google to trust everything that you see on the first page. And what I mean by that is that, you know, a lot of companies will pay to have their sponsored ad or to be on the first page of Google, but that doesn’t always necessarily mean that it’s the best fit for you, your loved one, someone you know, or a stranger. What our site does is it really breaks down each facility with their actual levels of care that they provide are, we show their Google ratings any ratings that they have we have on the site as well so you can read their reviews on there.

My favorite things about Addiction Helpline America, and i can say this as a person who helps thousands of people find resources every single year, I help people from all over the country and this site has really been a blessing to me, which is why I started working with them. Because for me being in Florida, it was hard for me to know what the best facility was in Montana or in California or New York because I’m not there Addiction Helpline America has really given me the opportunity to reach out to certain places see what you know, people are reviewing on them, see what kind of payment they accept if that’s just insurance, or do they take Medicaid as well? Are they state funded? Do they have a sliding scale stuff like that? Do they have dual diagnosis programs, do they do primary mental health, which is like a really big thing. And it’s kind of easier than going to finding each of these facilities online because like I said, these other facilities are buying ad space. And so some of these places you can’t even find on your own when you’re googling them. So that was a lot easier for me. And it’s easier than clicking through somebody’s entire website to see if they’re JCAHO (Joint Commission) accredited, but sometimes your insurance requires to be able to go to a facility they require JCAHO (Joint Commission) accreditation, so we need to know does this place have this accreditation and it says it right on our site. So I’m going to show you guys all that more. I hope you really like it again, really short, sweet, simple video, and I will see you guys soon.

Alright, guys, so we’re gonna Google Addiction Helpline America, go on the website. And here’s the homepage, might look a little bit different because I’m actually using the screengrab, but you can scroll down. Basically it knows I’m in Florida because I have my location on, so it’s gonna show me some facilities near me, MAT facilities, IOP, OP, PHP, detoxes and Res (Residential), scroll down a little bit. We’ll have our latest articles. I’ve written a few check them out. They’re pretty good. Love them. And then ways to connect with us. So let’s go back to the homepage. Let’s go to find a rehab. Alright, so I’m going to scroll down here. And basically we have really popular states that you can just click on like Illinois, New York, New Jersey, but we’re going to go to the top I’m going to put in my State of Florida.

And I’m going to look for a detox. So it shows me my results. And I love how has the Google rating right there. And it also shows you what other services these places offer with tags. So all right, let’s pick one of these to look at. Let’s look at Daylight Detox Recovery Center. Alright, so we can go visit their website we can call them, it’s going to give us an outline of their program, and any videos or photos that they might have on their website, right on to our website makes it very easy a has all of their reviews right there on the page, which I also think is very, very convenient. I chose her accreditations like I just talked about. JCAHO accreditation super important sometimes. They are LegitScript certified, and will show any other listings they have. If they are listed with SAMHSA. This is who they admit - so adults, young adults, women men. This is their financing options and what they use in detox. Pretty standard stuff. The levels of care, detox and residential, and the kind of therapy programs they have - which is His awesome. Co-occurring disorders, relationship track - so that might be more important to somebody than somebody else, and their contact information and location. So let’s go back... I went to California and we are going to look at Dana Point Rehab. Whoo... so pretty - love that! Okay, so scrolling through their picks, looks really great. has some fantastic reviews, they are accredited as well. And same thing tells you the kind of medications they use and treatment, it tells you the types of level of care that they offer at the facility. They offer basically everything from top to bottom - holistic treatment, maybe that’s important to you. And it’s easy way to find a, you know, if a facility that you want to go to has things that are important for you, they do dual diagnosis, they have faith based programs, very important to some people Family Programs. So I’m kind of just flipping through here because you guys can go at anytime and go through the site. Nutrition therapy super important. Couples Therapy, okay, so they also offer that great. And their amenities whoo jacuzzi yoga, sign me up and where they’re located on the map. So Alright, let’s go back. And these are some more resources. Now I actually thought this was really cool. So basically any questions you have about levels of care, you can click on these different things here. LGBTQ guide to recovery tells you about different drugs and understanding different addictions. Learn about the opioid epidemic. But I really thought these links were cool because it actually breaks down each state. So Minnesota, which I didn’t really know a lot about, it tells you the kind of the drugs, trends that are going on in the different states. I thought that was real cool. Well beyond just drugs trends, I’m going to take you guys to our blog page. Our blog is awesome. If you like to read and like to read interesting things about recovery and sobriety, I definitely suggest checking it out. "Seven Sober Valentine’s Day Activities", "What Impact Does Overdose Have On Your Body?"... There’s a bunch of bunch of good good blogs here. So if you guys like to read, I highly, highly suggest checking them out.

We’re gonna go to about us. Show you guys a little bit more about us finding a rehab should not be hard. That is our whole mission is to make it easier for you guys to access quality substance abuse and mental health providers. We want to make it easy because 21 million Americans are struggling, and only 10% of them receive the treatment that they need. Such a small amount, we hope to make a difference in that - big time.

So here’s a little bit more information contribute to our community. If you love to write, we would love a guest blogger, you are welcome - please email us your info.

If you own a rehab center, or any kind of addiction program, please verify your facility with us so we can make sure that all of your information is correct. We also have a 24/7 hotline so you don’t have to go through the site. We can talk to you on the phone anytime. Just go to our site and call us and we will be there to talk you through your process. And yeah, I mean, our hope is to make this as easy as possible for you. Our hope is to help you find that perfect facility anywhere in the country so that you and your loved ones can sleep a little bit easier at night. I hope that you guys understand a little bit more about this site.

And I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye


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