Addiction Recovery News - March 29th, 2020

Hey guys, Allie Severino here... Addiction Helpline America bringing you a new kind of video today. Are you excited? I am. Basically the kind of video we’re going to do today is different than our typical educational variety video. It is going to be a trending topics video, which I think is like super, super fun and cool, and I’m excited to do it. I hope you guys are excited to watch it. I hope it’s different and I hope it’s fun. So today in the news, we’re gonna go over some of the things in the news that might pertain to you if you’re a person in recovery or trying to be in recovery. Some highlights... let’s go over this. Oh, Allie Severino Addiction Helpline America if you guys don’t already know Addiction Helpline America is your one stop shop for addiction resources near you just go to our website addiction help in America calm, click the state that you live in and all your resources will pop up if you guys are not sure of the resources that are best for you or what is best for you. And you just want to talk to somebody our phone number is on the site and call us anytime, 24 hours a day, and there will be an Addiction Specialist there to talk to you.

Today’s video is like I said it’s gonna be news trending topics, what’s going on...

We’re gonna go over:

  • Tim Allen. If you guys don’t remember you will in a second.
  • Online Zoom meetings
  • AA meetings & NA meetings online - where to find them, how to do it, where to go
  • Free apps - a list of free apps (health apps) to hopefully help you guys get through this period of isolation.

So in the news, Bill Nye selling drugs? What? I’m having too much fun already. I really hope please like share, subscribe, okay, give a girl a bone. We’re gonna be talking about telemedicine and methadone clinics and Suboxone clinics and Suboxone doctors and pharmacies. What is going on? Are rehabs open right now? Yes, they are and they have toilet paper. Come on, guys. Let’s get a new video!

Our first topic of today is going to be on Tim the tool man Taylor also known as Tim Allen. He is a comic and an actor. I’m sure you guys have seen, I mean if you guys are not old enough to remember, Home Improvement. He has also been in the movies where he dresses up as Santa Claus and becomes Santa Claus, and Christmas with the Cranks, and he was Buzz Lightyear on Toy Story. So Tim Allen celebrating 22 years of recovery. I thought this was a cool story to start with some positivity. I know we’re all going through a lot right now world quarantine COVID-19, we’re gonna get into that in a second. But 22 years of recovery, and kind of an interesting story that I didn’t know, he actually went to prison for two and a half years in his college days. He’s 66 now. When he was in college, he got caught with cocaine. After those two and a half years in prison were over. It took over two decades for someone to reach out to him to get some help. He went and got some help, and is now thankfully still sober today 22 years later. He says the most important parts of his recovery are eating healthy, drinking water, having a regimented sleep schedule, and giving back what has been so freely given to him. Congratulations, Tim Allen! if you guys are celebrating your anniversary or a milestone comment down below we would love to shout you out. So proud of all of you out there who are working super super hard in your recovery every single day.

Oh second part of the video fact checker - true or false myth, legend, or conspiracy or not? Allegedly Bill Nye the Science Guy Yes. Yeah. "Bill Nye the Science guy’s trippy as f*ck. Now, I don’t know exactly how trippy f*ck is, but imagine it’s excessively". Bill Nye the Science Guy has allegedly been arrested for selling manufacturing and delivering of narcotics. Bill! Use your science for good, right. So I’ve read this sounds like and this was like trending on Google, tons of searches. Bill Nye busted selling drugs. I had to like jump into this see is this true but do not get arrested for selling drugs like whoa. And the answer is no. Bill Nye the Science Guy was not using his science for evil. He was not using his huge amassed brain with all the chemistry he knows to cook up some super blue Walter White type crystal meth and sell it. Bill Nye’s not selling drugs. This is a myth. This is not true. Not true. Okay. Thank god to because I love Bill Nye. And I really started thinking like, "Would he really do that? Maybe you would?" It’s a crazy world you never know. Right? So not true. Bill Nye, still as wholesome as ever teaching us about the importance of non-GMO foods, and all of that other stuff. So thank you, Bill for being so great for so many years.

So let’s get into what everybody is talking about - Coronavirus. I heard this frickin song by Cardi B and it’s driving me crazy. Okay, so first and foremost, I know that we’re all stuck in our houses, some of us are stuck in our houses. I mean, basically, they didn’t tell us to stay home, but they just shut down literally everything around us so we don’t even have a choice. So I want to give you guys some online resources for meetings. I know a lot of us go to meetings every single day, for me for a decade, I have been going to meetings. Whatever you get through your meetings that you’re unable to get right now, I hope that you’re able to find online. I’m going to give you guys some resources. I’m going to go through them really quick, but then I’ll link them underneath the video so that you guys have them. For AA we have, and For Narcotics Anonymous, anonymous, there is For smart recovery, there is smart recovery. This is so long I have to read it. I apologize. I’m sure if you just go to their website, I’m sure you could just find their online stuff i that is such a long thing to type in. I mean, my Lord, and then they have smart, convenient online recovery support. Other resources that there there is available because you guys have to remember that there’s a ton of people who regularly cannot go to outside meetings. A lot of people do online meetings often. One of my favorite websites is They’ve been around for a really really long time and I really really enjoyed their website and what they do for the recovery community.

Really, really cool. I would totally go to that site for your meetings. I’m is another one. And then the last one is So Zoom, there’s a ton of a meetings going on right now on Zoom, and I think that that’s actually cool experience. Why not something that you’ll never forget. There is no reason to not work your program even though you can’t leave your house still call your sponsor and spon-sees, recovery family every single day reach out to your support group. Do your online meetings together. It can be fun, we can make this fun. This too shall pass and yeah, I think this is really kind of cool. What what a time to be alive. How lucky are we? I’m sure when they had the Spanish Flu and the plague of 1980..1980?! They had the plague two years ago, know when they you know, they didn’t have all these resources. So we are so lucky to live in a day in time we had the internet, so please, please use these resources.

Okay, another thing impacted by COVID-19 Coronavirus is buprenorphine treatment and methadone treatment. So if you guys are on medication assisted treatment, things have changed for you, right? And these were a few of the things that people were worried about. I know that in Philadelphia, there were lines out down the street for the methadone clinic and they were worried about social distancing. Right now, I’ve talked to a few methadone clinics, they’re all only allowing in 10 patients at a time they are giving most patients two to three weeks take homes, which if you’re in a methadone program, you know that is super rare for that to happen. So most places are giving take homes to not have so many people come in all the time. Also, another thing that has spawned due to this coronavirus is telemedicine. So, really interesting right now, and this has never been able to be done before, you can actually have your first doctor’s visit... your initial you know visit with a doctor to get on buprenorphine medication since the treatment... over like Skype. So I thought that was really interesting and I thought it was really important for you guys to know. With that being said, I have talked to some Suboxone doctors, buprenorphine medication assisted treatment doctors and a lot of them are not taking new patients. So I would definitely look around to find those doctors that are willing to take on new patients via telemedicine.

Also in the news. Let’s start with this goodie. They’re giving away some free stuff to help us take care of our mental health while we’re stuck in our houses. So I want to give you guys all these apps that are offering their services for free. I got a list of apps through Axios and through USA Today, so Let me give you the names of these apps, what they’re doing, and what they are saying they’ll provide for us. If it’s free, it’s for me and I’ll take three. Okay, Sober Buddy (I’m not sure if their app is out yet) but if you have not checked out Sober Buddy on Instagram, they are super cute. It’s like this cute little I’ll put a picture. The cute lil minions, I love themem. Okay, open Well, this apps giving us free services. Right now millions of Americans are turning to online apps to help them with mental health and with therapy. They are not going to their therapists office, they’re sitting on their couch, and they’re picking up their phone and they’re downloading apps. So here are apps that right now are giving your services for free to anyone who might need them. As uncertainty continues to grow for everybody but especially those of us who have struggled with mental health in the past, substance use and other addictions like eating, pornography, and gambling this can be a scary time for us. Stress is really a trigger for a lot of people. And so to help combat that and cope with that there are apps available right now for us to use for free. And here are the different apps available. Meditation at Headspace announced on Friday that they are going to be giving free premium services to all healthcare workers, which I think is super cool. Our health care providers and our health care workers are on the frontlines fighting this crisis right now. And you know, it’s more important for them to be taken care of. They’re taking care of us. They’re making sure that me, you, and our families stay safe and that we’re okay. I think it’s great that this app is giving them a free membership. Typically it’s $12.99 a month for their premium services. Right now. It’s free for all healthcare workers. So do something for you. We need you. We need you to stay healthy - mentally, spiritually, and physically. Headspace has also introduced a new collection of content for everybody called weathering the storm. Their new collection of content weathering the storm made by Headspace the app is used to help manage stress and Anxiety and this is free for everybody. So that is Headspace weathering the storm free for everybody. At number two is called Simple Habit. Simple habit is a mindfulness app and it has 4.5 million users. They also shared on Wednesday that they are going to be offering free premium services to everyone. You can email them at help at simple habit calm, and you will gain free access until April 20 with that app. The third app is a personal meditation app called Balance personalized meditation app to help your balance. Balanced is now offering a one year free subscription for anyone who needs it. They said that all you have to do is email them As far as working out goes there are a few apps that are offering free trials. One of them is Peloton. Anyway, Peloton is doing a 90 day free trial. I thought that was pretty cool. Gold’s Gym is doing ... till May... their app is free and that’s Golds Amp, that’s the app for Gold’s Gym and they’re doing that for free to till May. And then Pop Sugars app called Active is also doing free trials. So a lot of these have seven minute workouts, before-work workouts. You know, as they say that they’re really, really awesome. So, hey, if you are a workout kind of person, if you’re an active human being, check out some of these apps they are free for right now. Another app I thought was kind of cool is called Zenia. And this is the first yoga app that is done through a AI. I don’t even know, I don’t even know what to say. But a free right now free subscription to it. So that was pretty cool. If you love yoga, I really, really, really enjoy yoga, and I guess it’s done through Aritifical Intelligence and it’s called Zenia. Right now Sling TV is giving free streaming. Apple Books right now is giving their stay at home collection free. And this has a bunch of different mystery books and nighttime books in there. So right now Apple books is allowing their stay at home collection to be audiobook or read for free. Both Showtime and stars are now having free subscriptions. So if you guys have always wanted Showtime but didn’t want to pay the extra $14.99 a month for the frickin channel, now is your time to check out Showtime. The last app that I have for you guys is called Sanvello and this is like a digital care delivery platform. And they are also offering their services for free... premium content. This app already has over 3.2 million users. And what it does is it has daily mood tracking assessments peer support And coping skills and tools that you might need. So that is S a n v e l l o ...SANVELLO!. So yeah check those out.

I hope I hope that helps you guys I hope that just at least when you’re doing this video you have like 20,000 things that download on your phone. Hopefully your phone has enough freaking storage like what’s up apple? Guys that is all for today’s video. I hope that you enjoyed it. Comment down below. If you have any cool news tell me we can talk. We can chat back and forth in the comments because hey, what else is there to do? I hope you guys are staying safe staying healthy, and from all of us at Addiction Helpline America - We’re thinking of you


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