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Located deep in the heart of Central Florida, St. John’s Recovery Place is a unique drug and alcohol addiction treatment and inpatient detox center that guides the healing and recovery process. Our expert clinical staff and compassionate medical team work diligently to support clients as they embark on the journey to recovery and begin to acquire the skills needed for long term sobriety.

Entering treatment is the first step in the recovery process, and although the journey may not be easy, it will certainly be rewarding! Overcoming addiction will impact every aspect of your life, for the rest of your life. Most importantly, we want you to know that there is hope for people who have survived substance use disorders and that this rewarding journey is 100% possible for YOU too!


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Reviews From Google:

This Rehab Center Is Rated 4.9 Stars on Google Maps

"Sjrp is really a special place the staff is very helpful and accomidating while still keeping order . the admin staff as well as the bht's go above and beyond they're duty . thanks to them all ."

bethany robinson
a month ago

"Please be advised anyone looking into this place for help about my personal experience, I will be honest and truthful and I hope this is knowledgeable and helps others looking for help. I am a nurse practitioner who my wife of 15 years has developed a drinking habit for her depression that lead to a disease (alcoholism). At first call to this place they seemed genuine to help the admission interview was sound and I made contact with a Mrs. Fox who told us she was eligible to be admitted on a certain date. We lined everything up with her work from FMLA to be signed off on and we were waiting and prepping her for her scheduled date that this place gave us and set in place. Two days prior my wife calls them to make sure everything was OK on their end and they give both me and her a generic response of them leaving us a voice mail that the date was pushed back.... Neither of this happened I questioned the authenticity of her response but thought it was a mix up and we waiting for the best date they promised us. The day prior to this next date we get a call saying they need to push us back again, now there's legal ramifications as FMLA has a time frame that they wasted with us pushing back the date numerous times. The lady i talked to was not professional at all, nothing I work in health care and I'm extremely disappointed in this places adherance to what it stands for. I will be recommending to all patients and health care I cover from St. Johns county to not recommend this place off this personal experience. Even trying to call administration here for answers was a ring around. UPDATE: the delay was due to pandemic protocol, the staff was genuine and forthcoming for me and my wife's needs. They treated us both with utmost respect and I am absolutely pleased with how well they treated my wife. Thank you Cat and co. for everything you have done for me and my family we are forever in your debt for returning me the women I fell in love with once again."

Adam Henderson
2 months ago

"St. John’s recovery place took great care of me. They offered to counseling and tools I needed to stay sober. With their help and the help of all the staff I am living a sober free life I owe my life to St. John’s recovery place"

Jeanne Daza
a month ago

"The staff is so amazing, caring, and determined to do everything in their power to help you succeed in your recovery. If you are willing and ready to get healthy, sober, and happy, this is the absolute best place in the Jacksonville area to do so."

Shane W
3 weeks ago

"I would 100% recommend St John's to anyone struggling with addiction. My son went for 30 days for drug addiction and it started him on the road to recovery. There were many things that I was concerned about when I read about different rehab programs such as inappropriate behavior and drug use in facilities. My first interaction was with Mathew and he assured me that this did not happen at St Johns and he was absolutely right. From the moment I dropped him off I knew he was safe and in good hands. The staff was friendly and welcoming. During the time he was there I was able to communicate with the staff about any questions or concerns that I had. Everyone I spoke with was patient and kind and took the time to speak with me. Catherine is amazing and she continues to tell me if I need anything to reach out at any time even though he is no longer there. Ian with insurance was super helpful as well. Overall it's a great place to start the recovery process. The staff is not only competent but they truly do care about their patients and their long term recovery."

anonymous anonymous
6 months ago


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St John's Recovery Place - Florida Alcohol Detox & Drug Rehab
Address: 1125 Summit St, Crescent City, FL 32112
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: (833) 397-3422