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At Relevance we believe in the 'infection' of addiction. We recognize that this health issue stems from one or multiple root causes which imbalance ones life resulting in a need to relieve the suffering. These root causes are chemical imbalances, unresolved trauma, a belief system or perspective that is working against you, and the inability to cope with current conditions.These causes are the reason addiction takes ahold of someones life, therefore addiction is not the primary issue but a symptom of a deeper root cause. Relevance has found that these root causes are treatable and can be reversed. This also means addiction can be too!

At Relevance Behavioral Health, we have a superior team that has the clinical expertise to custom tailor a treatment plan that will help you or your loved one discover and find a solution to these root causes. We offer state of the art program modalities and treatments to make sure we can help you find the answers and solutions you or your loved one need. Our treatment center is also directly linked to the world's only true aftercare and relapse prevention system, CFC Loud n Clear Foundation, which ensures you or your loved one will be able to fully heal those old wounds.

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Relevance Behavioral Health

Address: 61 W Main St, Freehold, NJ 07728


Phone: (732) 702-2242

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