Hooper Detox Center

1535 North Williams, Portland, OR 97227

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Hooper Detoxification Stabilization Center offers compassionate treatment for people coming off drugs, alcohol or other substances. They Offer many types of treatment programs, like substance abuse treatment, outpatient care, mental health.

Reviews From Google:

This Rehab Center Is Rated 4.2 Stars on Google Maps

"Greetings to y'all I was referred here by the VA nurse in Portland and I was at first happy or relieved. However, I found that for whatever reason my WA state insurance does not comply with Oregon and therefore, I cannot seek long-term or residential treatment from Oregon anymore. First day of check in was very chaotic and they didn't seem to adhere to veteran's disability at all. Then, they'd have you stripped down and with no real explanation, for you to shower in a unisex shower where I could hear the lady and male giggling about something. In essence, they just see me as another addict and not someone who has underlying issues. The staff were alright but there were male staff in and out as well as the beds were definitely not placed 6 ft distanced. I am not at all used to loud and sudden noises and this made my PTSD worsened. The meds or concunctions of drugs were Librium, Benzo and gabapentin. This I was a bit grateful since I have do have arthritis pain and gabapentin seemed to help. The shift nurses are alright and the one that was kinder to me was named Chris. The head staff would often just joke around and possibly seeing us as less than nothing so they shared many personal things and chit chat. Also, the phone did and did not work at times and it frustrated many of us since communication is crucial since many of us still have emails and family to deal with. Overall, I left on the 14th. I could not take the vague answers and I didn't understand why the residential treatment wouldn't accept WA State insurance since I don't have OHP. It was a bit sad since I have PTSD and a disabled veteran from the Marine Corps and I am appalled that they wouldn't work something out for me."

Aiyan Turley
9 months ago

"Very relaxing and comfortable facility and very capable of helping you succeed. Thank all of you so much for a positive experience and all the help."

Chris Rose
4 months ago

"Horrible front desk they do not care"

Sara S
a month ago

"It’s a free rehab, but you will hear more complaining here than anywhere else in your life. Also for some reason they allow the same patient control who watches what on the TV, and often they have the mental capacity of a child (for example, Harry Potter movies are the norm.) Or Kevin Smith “comedies.” Also for some reason some people are allowed (if you consider it an advantage) to stay there for weeks. There will be people who will be there when you arrive, and they’re still there when you leave. Frankly I’m not sure how or why they get more time there than others, I’ve just always noticed it. I asked one guy why he was able to stay there for so long, he said he was “waiting for a bed to open up somewhere else.” But everyone knows there’s a shortage of beds at other places. Why do they let a select few wait it out at Hooper, meanwhile kick the rest back out to the streets? Favoritism (specifically from the counselors) is my guess. Unfortunately I’ve never really clicked with any of my counselors, who just see as another random client. Also be careful of the food. I would advise eating as less of it as possible. Last time I was there someone got COVID (they wouldn’t say who), so they kicked a bunch of us out because we had “contact” with them. Anyway I’m pretty sure I did get COVID. Well at least they gave me a free ride home (and unfortunately COVID too). All in all it’s a free detox. But like I said, the complaining is out of this world."

a month ago

"The staff was really friendly and attentive. They were very understanding and made me feel comfortable during my detox. I would reccomwnd this place to anyone who is trying to get clean and change their lives for the better."

Kourtney Fortesque
a year ago

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Hooper Detoxification Stabilization Center
1535 North Williams Portland OR, 97227
(503) 238-2067

Time To Make A Difference

Finding the right help for yourself or a loved one can be an overwhelming and stressful process. If you are feeling overwhelmed, please feel free to call our sponsored hotline. Start the road to recovery today!

(844) 561-060624/7 Private & Confidential

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