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Harbor House

5354 I-55 South Frontage Road East, Byram, MS 39272

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Residential Treatment

Women Only

Medication Assisted Treatment


Individuals admitted to Harbor House assume a great deal of responsibility for their care, treatment and personal growth. They are treated with respect and dignity and are provided with all available information so that they can make informed decisions about their care. Recovery begins when clients accept and that they have a problem and that they are powerless over this disease and that their lives are unmanageable. They must be willing to go to any length to achieve and maintain sobriety, be honest with themselves and others and be thorough in examining all areas of their life, including their relationships and patterns of living. Old ideas and behaviors need to be discarded. These will be replaced with new healthy skills and coping mechanisms. Harbor House provides routine on-site phy


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Harbor House 5354 I-55 South Frontage Road East Byram MS, 39272 (601) 371-7335