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Hamilton Center

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: 16
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HIV/AIDS program
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LGBTQ program
: At first glance, therapy for someone who identifies as LGBTQ is the same as for someone who does not. They are all susceptible to anxieties, stressors, depression, family tension, and other emotional and mental health concerns that are sometimes a part of simply being human. However, many members of the LGBTQ community experience an additional layer of challenges related to their gender and sexual orientation. Hamilton Center offers special programs for the LGBT community. Services include: individual therapy and therapy groups (LGBT Group and Gender Diversity Group).
Military program
: Hamilton Center’s MVP program appreciates the dedication and sacrifice required of the current military and the veteran families. The spouses and children of the warriors make up the backbone of the military and ensure that their service members can concentrate on their mission. Once the mission is completed and the veteran returns home, it is the family who helps put the pieces back together.
MVP offers mental health and emotional support for issues relating to: PTSD, Frustration Control, Addiction, Grief Counseling, Depression, Anxiety, Anger and Relationship Issues.
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Program for women
Young adult program

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Hamilton Center
620 8Th Avenue Terre Haute IN, 47804
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