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About California Behavioral Health

We have empowered countless individuals to break their addictive behaviors and recover successfully with our powerful evidence-based treatment.

Our treatment throws out the one-size-fits-all 12-step treatment model in favor of a scientific approach that is personalized to give every Resident the best chance for long term recovery.

We work hard every day on behalf of our Residents to provide all the tools necessary to break addictive behaviors and the support necessary to make sure recovery lasts.

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Reviews From Google:

This Rehab Center Is Rated 4.6 Stars on Google Maps

"CBH is a place that you can trust. They care about their clients long term sobriety and provide a recovery program that is both comprehensive and effective. They provide a safe environment for recovering addicts to get the help they need while preparing them for the challenges ahead."

Gary Stevens
2 months ago

"Place was okay. Programming was lazy and owner is a condescending narcissist. The website is good, but a bit deceptive. The accommodations are fine, but not luxurious, as the website would suggest. Food is okay. Some of the nurses are great and others not so great (really green and don't know what they're doing). Maintenance staff is excellent! Don't expect to see an actual medical doctor on-site, but they will take you off-site if you have a problem."

James Bond
7 months ago

"I was a patient here from November 26th 2020 until January 19 2021. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you helped me through. I want to thank all of the therapists for being patient and understanding with me in one of my lowest moments. I want to thank the owners Paul and Melissa for letting me bug them from time to time and being very hands on with their facility. The both of you have really put something special together. I thank you, my family thanks you! Here is to many years of sobriety!"

Matthew Millmore
3 months ago

"My name is Matthew Noreen and I was a resident here at CBH from 6/22/2020 through 7/23/2020.. I just Graduated the program in 32 days and I am writing this because I am truly Thankful to them All.. I would like to Give CBH 7 Stars but it will only let me give 5 .. CBH is a fantastic place to get your Body .Mind and Sprit back into shape. ALL the Staff here are fantastic and attentive to what you are going through. All the Therapist here are Truly top notch and take the time to truly help you and get to know you , your needs and get down to that Nitty Gritty of what your blocking out of your life with what your doing or using.. They even help you and your family reconnect if there is an issue there.. . My therapist while here was Dulce .. And I must say she is a 10 out of 10 . She truly was very attentive ,Listening to me and calling me on my BS and helping me reconnect with my wife helping us learn new ways of communication so the we will be able to have a healthy communication style in our marriage .While also helping teach me new healthy coping skills for me to deal with life in a health way . I truly am so very thankful for being lead to CBH.. If you are looking for help do not hesitate to call them and ask for help it will be the Best start to your new You ... There facility is truly very nice .. You have your own rooms , a community pool and rec area , Misters and shade for the hot desert days .. Fantastic food cooked for you by Eddie and Tyrone . You get to go on daily walks as well as fun outings even in this Covid 19 times.. We went to the Beach , Hiking in Idyllwild, Hiking and Swimming in a waterfall in Palmsprings .. And that is just to name some of the things they take you to do as events ...They truly are working hard here to help you step up and out of your comfort zone so that you can grow... So if you are looking for help Like I was and want to put in the work to get the Help .. DO IT... Remember ( YOU GET WHAT YOU PUT IN ) ... Truly do not Hesitate to call Paul or Melissa to get started on the new you ...."

Matthew Noreen
9 months ago

"I waited to write this review because i wanted to show the world that this program worked for me. I am 13 months clean and sober and i have this place to thank for that. Everybody cared, my voice was never unheard. I connected with the staff and made sober friends too! Thank you again guys! The best decision of my LIFE. Words cannot express my gratitude ❤"

Stephen Seeley
2 years ago


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California Behavioral Health
4.6 35 Google reviews
Addiction treatment center in Palm Springs, California
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