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Opioid Detox Center: The First Step To Recovery Is Detox

Published December 07, 2019 By Addiction Helpline America

Opioid addiction can expose someone to a wide variety of damaging effects such as physical, social, psychological, and self-harm. Fortunately, an opioid detox center can offer professional assistance that can successfully get rid of these substances from the body. Opioids are a group of drugs, which include illegal drug heroin, pain relievers (such as codeine or morphine).

If someone develops opioid use disorder, he or she may tend to lose control over many crucial aspects of life. That may include the amount and frequency of opioid abuse. As one continues to gain more and more tolerance, the need to take a larger amount of these drugs arises. As a result, it heightens the chances of a long-lasting negative impact, which can drive a patient into abusing even much stronger substances.

Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

When patients become dependent on illicit opioids such as hydrocodone or any other, their bodies adapt to the presence of these substances. Due to that, they may start developing several withdrawal signs immediately; they stop taking these drugs.

These indications may include the following:

  • Sweating
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • High blood pressure
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures

Deciding to quit opioid abuse in the absence of medical supervision from an accredited detox center can result in a life-threatening situation. Additionally, the process may not be successful or complete. If you or your loved one wish to safely manage the withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping the drug abuse, then an opioid detox center near you is the right place to be.

Why is Opioid Detox Center Important?

Detox centers have a well equipped medical team that can manage patients' withdrawal symptoms throughout the day. Another benefit is that the facility can offer safe surroundings where a patient can recover without being tempted to abuse the substances. Moreover, the environment is usually free from life stressors, such as work responsibilities, which can increase the risk of opioid abuse.

What Happens in a Medical Opioid Detox Center?

Most patients tend to get nervous, especially if it is their first time to access a detox center. However, with the help of our friendly detox team, the feeling vanishes as soon as they arrive. So, the detox process is made to be fun, and there is nothing to fear. Check out some of the things that take place in our facility.

Intake Assessment

Immediately the patients get into a detox center, the first thing is usually to complete an intake assessment. They then have a conversation with the intake manager about various coherent issues. Moreover, they may be asked to fill out some paperwork that will assist the detox team in understanding their needs better.


Once the intake process is over, the patients are taken to the facility premises. The orientation is done to ensure that they are comfortable, safe, and secure during the whole detox process.

Room Introduction

After the orientation, the patients are taken to their rooms where they will be staying while at the rehab center

It is crucial to note that opioid detox does not equate to the whole process of drug addiction. Additionally, a detox aftercare program is essential to avoid a relapse.

Finding a Suitable Opioid Detox Center

Due to the many grievous effects that accompany the opioid withdrawal, a patient needs to find a detox center that can professionally address all these issues. Dana Point Rehab Campus is one of the verified rehab centers in California that you can visit. Patients love and enjoy their detox process due to high success rates.

Programs offered at the center include:

  • Medically Supported Alcohol and Drug Detox
  • Residential Inpatient Treatment Program
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
  • Holistic Treatment

Do not allow opioid addiction to destroy your life. It is possible to get assistance by enrolling in verified drug rehab near you. Start your healing journey by contacting Addiction Helpline America (844) 561-0606 and we will link you to the right treatment center.

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