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Specialists You Will Find in a Drug Rehab Center

Published April 23, 2020 By Addiction Helpline America


Substance addiction can do considerable damage to a person’s life. For this reason, inpatient drug rehab centers in Pennsylvania are specifically designed to undo the damage and help the individuals maintain a life of sobriety. This endeavor is made possible by teams of specialists that you’ll find in a drug rehabilitation facility.

Who offers inpatient drug rehab Pennsylvania?

The Common Professionals You’ll Find in Drug Rehab Centers

Medical Doctors

A person who has become physically dependent on drugs experiences painful withdrawal symptoms when he loses his access to them. Unfortunately, some medications can potentially cause fatal complications when those who were addicted to them decide to stop using them. This is why most inpatient drug rehabilitation facilities have medical doctors to assess the residents before they prescribe their medication. In some states, these medical doctors also serve as the facilities’ medical directors who create and develop policies that are compliant with state and local laws. In some cases, they use the title of Addiction Medicine Physician after finishing advanced studies in substance addiction.

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Registered Nurses and Licensed Nurse Practitioners (LNPs)

The physical conditions of the residents in drug rehab centers need to be monitored daily. That's why aside from providing essential first aid interventions, registered nurses and LNPs also take regular measurements of their vital signs. While some states allow LNPs to provide certain medications, other states strictly require medical doctors to provide an assessment before prescribing medication.


Recovering addicts need to spend much time in therapy so that they can learn more about their addiction and develop the skills to manage their drug triggers. The therapists that help make this happen include licensed clinical social workers, licensed marriage and family therapists, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and certified addiction specialists.

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