4 Ways You Can Maintain Your Recovery After Rehab

By Addiction Helpline America
March 27, 2020

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After finishing a treatment program at an inpatient drug rehab Arizona, transitioning from a supported environment back to your normal life can be tough. Now that you're back home, it's easier to find yourself in stressful situations that may trigger relapse or regression back to old habits. Even seeing your old friends or some family members may be a source of stress for you. To avoid this, there are a few things you can do to maintain your recovery after rehab.

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How Can I Manage Temptations and Triggers After Rehab?

Establish a Solid Support System

It's important that you have a solid support system you can trust for accountability during difficult times, because it helps prevent relapse. They can help you go through adversity and overcome urges and temptations. They can also encourage you and give you sound advice whenever you need it.

Once youíre released from an inpatient drug rehab program, make sure to establish a support system. Your support system can be composed of your sober friends, family, or close members from your support group.

Change Your Environment

As much as possible, modify your environment to foster your recovery. Get rid of any alcohol or drugs in your house. If you live in a neighborhood that tolerates drug use, then it's best to move out and find a place where it's easier to remain sober.

Continue Seeking Treatment

After finishing a treatment program in rehab, make sure to continue seeking treatment to support your recovery. This helps make sure that you stay on track. Never skip an appointment. Itís easier to manage stressors when youíre receiving professional support.

Practice What You Learned in Rehab

Practice and apply what you learned in rehab, from coping skills to new healthy habits that will help keep you sober in the years to come.

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Following these four tips will help make it easier for you to remain sober in the years to come. If youíre looking for an inpatient drug rehab Arizona, Addiction Helpline America is ready to help you. Contact us to get started!


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