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How to Stop Drug Addiction: Two Ways to Combat the Issue

Published May 21, 2021 By Addiction Helpline America

How to Stop Drug Addiction: Two Ways to Combat the Issue

When asking how to stop drug addiction, if the person in front of you says that you just need willpower, that’s very discouraging. Those who have never experienced the consequences of addiction can’t realize how deep the substance is in your system.

Drugs change how your brain works, which means “just stopping” isn’t enough. However, the good news is that your healing and complete recovery are very much on the map. Even if you think the situation is too difficult and it might be better to just give up, believe, the way to a sober life is just in front of you.

Over 21 million Americans have one or more addictions. Unfortunately, only 10% of them seek treatment. Some haven’t realized they are addicted and need help. Others fear the shame connected to it.

There’s nothing to be afraid about. There are you and your goal to start a new, sober life. And that’s more than enough to start.

How to Stop Drug Addiction Without Rehab?

Depending on the situation and surroundings, one can battle drug addiction without rehab successfully. However, it usually takes more attempts, time, and effort. Going through such a difficult time alone might be difficult. And even if friends and family are by your side, they aren’t specialists.

But let’s see what you can do.

First of all, it’s crucial to commit and realize that you’ll have to change a lot in your life:

  • People surrounding you;
  • The way you relieve stress;
  • The way you cope with any difficulties in life;
  • Your opinion on the current way of living;
  • Prescription drugs you might be using for medical condition treatment.

Don’t be afraid if any of these things make you think twice or all this seems like a lot of work. Your mindset has changed, and now you’re trying to get it back to harmony. Anyone with an addiction needs support and lots of motivation to keep on track.

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Steps You Can Do to Battle Drug Addiction

Here are some techniques that will help you find point A in your journey (where you are now):

  • Create a diary of drug use, whether on your phone or in written form. This will help you see what and how much you take. Oftentimes people don’t even realize what their situation is;
  • Write out all the things and people you find valuable in your life. Whether you have lost them or not, mention everything and everyone on the list. This will show you just how dangerous drugs can be to your life;
  • Write out the advantages and disadvantages of drug use. Be honest; this diary is only for you, no one else will see it if you don’t allow them. Consider consequences for your health; maybe you already have some conditions due to the use of the drug(s). This will show you the whole picture of pros and cons, powering determination to quit;
  • Ask a loved one you can rely on about their thoughts on the fact that you have an addiction. Make sure this person doesn’t have one and is completely honest with you. This will help you see the picture from a viewpoint of a third party.

After the analysis of the information you’ve collected, ask yourself two questions:

  1. What is preventing me from starting to recover right now?
  2. What or who may help me battle addiction and make a change?

Answer honestly. All the answers are deep within you. Unfortunately, the cravings and the altered state of your brain make you oblivious to them when it’s time to take another dose.

Recommendations for Battling Addiction

Here are some of the best-working recommendations for people determined to get rid of drug addiction without rehab:

  • Make sure to get rid of any reminders of drugs. Stop communication with the people you took them with, remove all the leftovers you may have. Delete numbers, unfollow and block on social media, do everything necessary to clear your environment;
  • Print the list of reasons why you’ve started the journey and have it nearby at all times. It will help with motivation;
  • Tell everybody who knows about your condition that you’re on your way to healing. Ask them for encouragement and support;
  • Set smaller, achievable goals, either time-based or goal-based;
  • If things get difficult, find a rehab facility or ask a close person to do it for you.

How to Find the Best Addiction Treatment Services?

Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula that heals everyone in a day or a month. That’s why there are so many different rehabilitation facilities for people with drug addiction. The choice depends on:

  • The drug(s) you use;
  • The care you require;
  • Your location;
  • Your wishes.

You can choose to go to another city if the centers there are better and you don’t want any close people around you. If support and encouragement help you personally, it’s better to be somewhere near home.

Make sure to choose a facility that doesn’t only focus on the treatment of drug abuse. The perfect choice should be a combination of:

  • Behavioral therapy;
  • Mental health assessments and proper therapy;
  • Aftercare plans, etc.

It’s crucial to pay attention to your mental health. The basis for drug dependency starts from a bad company around you to psychological issues like stress relief problems or trauma. The core issue will be addressed at a decent facility.

If you’re worried about money, don’t. There are free rehabs that will take care of you. The most important thing is to make a call and take action.

Take Action Now

You don’t need to learn how to stop drug addiction on your own. There are plenty of official services that can help you get out of the condition as soon as possible. Doing so yourself may be unsuccessful because the temptation is too high. You will need strong principles and constant motivation.

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Learn more about mental health problems, drug misuse and abuse, and how to find treatment for mental illness or substance abuse.

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