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How Much Does Addiction Treatment Cost?

With over 22.7 million Americans seeking alcohol and substance treatment annually, the cost of treatment is relatively high. However, the Affordable Care Act legislation ensures that each American in need of addiction treatment can access it regardless of the treatment cost. But wait! Does every insurance plan provide addiction treatment or cater for all expenses?

Before registering with a rehab facility, it's important to check with your health insurance provider on the list of facilities they cover. Also, establish the type of addiction treatments that they support and the amount they're willing to cover for the treatment.

A Look into the Rehab Costs

Addiction treatment costs vary from one rehab center to the other. Whereas some are free, others accumulate hundreds of dollars each day. Whether you're using an insurance plan, cash, or have no finances to undertake treatment, there's always a solution to your addiction problem.

If you're planning to use an insurance cover for treatment, not every coverage can cater for it. Also, health providers are selective of which insurance to work with.

Here's a list of insurance plans that offer coverage for addiction care:

  • Military insurance

  • Medicaid

  • State-financed health insurance

  • Medicare

  • Private insurance

  • What happens to drug and substance addicts with no insurance plans while seeking treatment? A thorough search of rehab facilities with low fees or free services will eventually help you find one. Also, a look into treatment programs with financing options can help you find an affordable facility.

    Does Your Insurance Cover For Addiction Treatment?

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    Addiction Treatment Programs Covered by Insurance

    Unlike the past, where health insurance was only favorable to the rich and treated as a luxury, it's now a necessity for every American.

    The Affordable Care Act makes it easier and cheap for everyone to get health insurance coverage that goes beyond covering only major health problems.

    Although these plans have some limitations, individuals with addiction and mental illness are now its beneficiaries.

    The insurance providers have varying plans that favor both the high and middle-income earners across the continent.

    Here are a few addiction treatment options that health insurance cover once they're approved:

  • Medical detox

  • Maintenance medication

  • Outpatient

  • Follow-up sessions

  • Inpatient care

  • Insurance companies require their members to select a rehab facility from their approved providers. This ensures the treatment costs are low and match up with your deductibles or premium.

    Plans that Cover Addiction Treatment

    Most health insurance providers have two effective plans that suit people seeking addiction treatment.

    They include:

    Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

    Under this plan, the insurance company has an extended network of certified health care providers that offer quality treatment. The rates provided to addicts under this plan are lower when compared to other health plans. However, individuals using the plan cannot be covered for treatment sought outside their network. They only support therapies done by an in-network provider. If a patient needs to see a specialist, the cover demands a referral from your primary physician.

    Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

    Unlike in the HMOs, patients under this plan can go for treatment in facilities out of their network even without a referral. In cases where the treatment cost goes higher than your deductibles, the plan allows you to pay a part of it while it settles the rest. Treatments sought out of a healthcare network provider are expensive.

    Types of Addiction Covered by Insurance Plans

    Addiction treatment is an essential part of a healthcare plan that every insurance company takes seriously. However, the degree of coverage differs with the type of mental health struggle that an addict could be going through.

    Here are types of drug and substance addiction that are covered by the health insurance policy:

  • Adderall

  • Cocaine

  • Hydrocodone

  • Amphetamine

  • Benzodiazepine addiction such as Klonopin, Ativan, or Valium

  • Fentanyl addiction

  • Marijuana addiction

  • Prescription drugs addiction, including Oxytocin and Vicodin

  • Alcohol addiction

  • Heroin addiction

  • Rehab Facilities Covered by Insurance

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    Levels Of Care Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers Offer.

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    This video is about the different Levels of Care that's available in addiction treatment centers.

    According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, over 14,500 registered addiction treatment facilities have specialized services in the US. However, your health plan cannot cover addiction treatment in all of these facilities. Different insurance providers have an agreement with selected rehab facilities on the provision of vital services.

    The insurance providers agree with the healthcare facility on the type of care and specific price. In return, the coverage firm provides the rehab facilities with referrals for the fair treatment cost offered. To find out the network of rehab centers supported by your cover, it;s essential to give a call to the insurance provider.

    Most of the plans cover the following:

  • Outpatient rehab

  • Inpatient detox

  • Residential rehab

  • Medical Detox

  • Partial hospitalization

  • Does your plan cover all the treatment programs? Inquiring whether the plan can cater to all the programs or only supports one at a time is crucial. Most plans have no provision for several addiction treatments at a go. Discuss this with the rehab facility prior to admission to avoid confusion later.

    Factors that Determine the Addiction

    Treatment Cost Regardless of your health plan, the type of care an addict requires determines how much the treatment will cost. Treatments vary depending on the substance causing the addiction and the duration taken to detox. In addition, the recovery center location and available amenities affect the pricing.

    For instance, centers offering great views of the beach and equipped with luxurious facilities are expensive when compared to the latter. Standard rehab centers charge between $2000 and $24,000 monthly, whereas luxury centers charge up to $80,000 per month.

    Although the treatment costs look expensive, they're cheap in the long run. When alcohol and substance addicts skip work, underperform or cause accidents at work, the loss is enormous to the company.

    Moreover, the drugs' price, health problems, and legal issues arising from addiction costs more than the treatment. As such, premiums paid for health coverage are low and worth it compared to the effects of drug addiction.

    What Happens if You Have No Insurance Coverage?

    Several reasons can contribute to failure to raise enough money for a health coverage plan. However, that shouldn't stop you from finding other options for your addiction treatment.

    Let's take a look at a few options that work:

    Engage an Employer

    Although employers are not required by the law to offer coverage, some might help with your situation. Besides paying for the treatment, you'll be given an extended leave that'll keep your job position waiting. But first, engage your Human Resource manager and look at the options together.

    Talk to Responsible Parties at the Treatment Center

    Addiction treatment cost is daunting at first, but that shouldn't scare you away. Most rehab facilities have varying payment plans that may go up to months, depending on your agreement. They'll offer the required treatment and allow you to start paying once you get a reliable job.

    Don't feel left out or succumb to your addiction problem because you have limited funds. Walk into your closest rehab center and let them know why you need the addiction treatment now. You'll be surprised to find out how much they're willing to help you.

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