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How Addiction Breaks Relationships

Published August 06, 2023 By Addiction Helpline


Addiction Causes Heartbreak

"💔 Addiction doesn't just harm individuals, it breaks relationships too.  The cycle of dependency can strain trust, communication, and emotional bonds. It's heartbreaking to witness the toll it takes on loved ones. Let's support those battling addiction, promoting understanding, empathy, and recovery.💔 #BreakTheCycle #SupportAndHealing"

How Addiction Can Hurt Your Relationship


Addiction can have a significant impact on relationships and often leads to their breakdown. Here are a few ways addiction can affect relationships:

  1. Trust issues: Addictive behaviors can lead to broken promises, lies, and deceit, eroding trust between the person struggling with addiction and their loved ones. Trust is foundational in any relationship, and when it is compromised, it can be challenging to rebuild.
  2. Communication breakdown: Addiction can hinder open and honest communication within relationships. The person struggling with addiction may hide their substance abuse, become defensive, or engage in manipulative behavior. This can create a breakdown in communication and prevent the resolution of conflicts or the expression of feelings.
  3. Emotional and physical distancing: Addiction often causes the person struggling to prioritize their substance use over their relationships. This can result in emotional and physical distance from loved ones as they become consumed by their addiction. The person may withdraw from social activities, neglect responsibilities, or isolate themselves, which can strain relationships.
  4. Financial strain: Substance abuse can be expensive, leading to financial difficulties for both the person struggling with addiction and their loved ones. It can impact the ability to meet financial obligations, cause arguments about money, and create a sense of instability within the relationship.
  5. Codependency: In some cases, relationships can become codependent, with one person enabling the addictive behavior of the other. Codependency can perpetuate the cycle of addiction and prevent both individuals from seeking help or making positive changes.

Things To Consider


It's important to remember that addiction affects everyone involved, not just the person struggling with it. Seeking professional help and support, such as therapy or addiction counseling, can be crucial in addressing these issues and rebuilding healthier relationships.

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