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Top Recreational Activities in a Drug Rehab Center

Published April 21, 2020 By Addiction Helpline America

You may have your own preconceived notions about what it’s like to get help at a Pennsylvania drug rehab center . If you think that recovering addicts in a facility are only limited to treatment programs that involve detoxification and counseling, think again. Many offer fun-filled recreational activities that help you develop new mindsets and tap into positive emotions that are essential to your full recovery.

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What are the Top Recreational Activities in a Drug Rehab Center?

Wilderness Therapy

Since these programs are set in wilderness settings, they provide the participants with opportunities to cultivate self-sufficiency, as well as team-building, as they contend with nature. During each session, a trained expert introduces different types of survival skills that include building a shelter or a fire.

Adventure Therapy

These programs feature activities that could get the participants’ pulses racing. They also cultivate their interpersonal skills, resilience, self-confidence, trust, and problem-solving skills. These activities can vary from zip-line courses, ropes, and other wilderness challenges.

Art Therapy

Art therapy programs aim to promote introspection, build confidence, and help the participants process traumatic experiences that are associated with substance abuse. In most cases, activities that are provided in art therapy programs include those that integrate visual arts, music, and dance.

Physical Fitness

Most of those who are struggling with compulsive substance abuse have neglected their physical health. For this reason, physical fitness is a significant component of the rehabilitation process. You can find many rehabilitation centers that feature outdoor equipment, fitness classes, and gyms.

Holistic Therapy

This type of program makes use of the mind-body-spirit approach through activities that include massage, yoga, acupuncture, and Reiki.

Day-to-Day Recreational Opportunities

These are activities that are made available to residents during their leisure time. They could range from hiking, swimming, ropes courses, rock climbing, gardening, fishing, board games, movies, and reading.

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