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You may have already encountered many opinions and comments from people who may have been there before or those who know about your journey to recovery. Some of these opinions must have sounded so real that they came across as facts to you. The truth is that many things that are said during recovery from drug addiction are not as accurate as they sound.

These myths are misleading, and if you are not careful, you can find yourself going back to the addictions you are trying to curb. You may also find it twice as hard to recover when fed with the said myths.

Below are 7 myths about recovery. We have debunked them for you to ensure a smoother transition from your old addicted self to the new recovered you.

7 Myths about Recovery, Debunked

Myths about Recovery

Relapse is a normal recovery phase.

This statement is false. By believing it, you may be led to wonder if you are following the right recovery channel if you haven't undergone a relapse yet.

It is not a must for one to go back to alcohol or other drugs they are trying to recover from during the recovery process. Some people are more strong-willed than others and may pull through the whole period without back-sliding.

Other people may have the will to push forward towards their recovery goal but end up stumbling along the way. Such cases should not be used to generalize the entire experience. What if you are wilful enough to complete the recovery journey without a relapse? It doesn't mean that you did it the wrong way.

Recovery is for people who have reached the end.

This is a common myth—many people associate recovery with hitting rock bottom. You don't have to wait till you reach your most desperate point for you to decide to turn around and make things right.

You can start recovery and enroll into a group of people with similar issues as yours any time into your addiction. Once you identify your problem and decide to make amends, go ahead and start your recovery journey.

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Recovery is a tedious process.

Once you have concluded that you want to do it for yourself, many discouraging comments are likely to find their way into your ears. Don't pay attention!

Recovery is an exciting process because its final result is getting your whole being remodeled. It leaves you aiming at achieving better goals than you would have if you were still using drugs.

It becomes as exciting as you make it because the decision-making and willpower are all under your control. A few challenges encountered early into the recovery process should not lead you to brand the rest of it as boring. Hold on and experience the blissful transition.

Going to rehab is the only recovery option you have

Enrolling yourself in rehab is one of the measures you can take to recover from addiction, but it is not the only one. Other recovery options include joining a community group with people who are facing similar challenges as you.

7 Myths about Recovery, Debunked

You can also talk to an addiction therapist who will hold your hand throughout the journey until you reach the ultimate recovery level. There are online groups and organizations dedicated to helping people who have decided to quit their addictions. They offer hotlines and phone numbers to call and get directions on which recovery path to follow.

Relapse means you have failed.

On the contrary, going back to alcohol and substance addiction after a period of recovery and rehabilitation doesn't mean that you are a failure. It means that you are human and capable of getting out willed by a few factors.

There are second, third, and more chances to better yourself during recovery and hit the ultimate target, total recovery. Don't wallow in sorrow upon relapse; you'll need to pick up your remaining pieces and be stronger for the remaining part. Every step during recovery is a learning experience.

Addiction to prescription drugs is not a real addiction

Some people think that addiction is only related to alcohol and other hard drugs. They convince themselves that prescription drugs from a doctor don't count as abuse even if they overuse them. This is a huge myth.

Any form of drugs should not be overused, even if it is from a doctor. Don't substitute your former addictions with new ones under the disguise of a doctor's prescription. This myth has led many people to making such mistakes.

Addicted people are bad people.

Being a victim of addiction does not automatically render you a bad person. You are the same person you were before, only that you are now in need of help. Deciding to join a recovery forum is the first sign that you can be helped into a better person.

Many people also think that after recovery, there'll be no place for them. That is also a myth. Don't let that hold you back.

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