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10 Tips For Finding a Good Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center

Published May 21, 2021 By Addiction Helpline America

Suffering from substance abuse brings a lot of trouble to both the one who is addicted and to this person’s closest surroundings and family. Fortunately, there are enough rehab centers all over the United States that can help the addicts to get back to normal life and recover. 

However, since the variety of recovery programs and rehab centers is mind-blowing, it can be rather complicated to figure out which facility to choose. In addition, the needs and experience of each treatment seeker is different from another.

As long as the sobriety of a patient is crucial, it is essential to find the rehab center that will suit the addict patient best of all. Only in this case, one will be able to both successfully complete the rehabilitation program and stay sober afterward when being back to life again. And to figure out which facility might be your right choice, there are several suggestions one should take into consideration when seeking for a rehab center in the U.S.

How to Find a Proper Rehab. Tips And Suggestions

With that many rehabilitation centers around the United States, it is often difficult for addicted people and their families to find a proper facility to take a rehab program there. This is why you should always keep in mind several handy tips regarding the search process.

1. What are your rehab goals and needs?

This is perhaps the most important question to answer. As you know, every rehab center has its specific specialties. Some facilities are focused on heroin abuse treatment whilst others are specialized on alcohol addiction. But even in this case, if we take two rehabs with the same specialties, they will most likely have distinct treatment approaches and use different ways of getting there.

This is why, before searching for a rehab center, think of what substances and behaviours you want to recover from. Also, it will be useful to take into consideration the medical conditions (if any) you would like to have treated at the same time.

Except for that, it is important to decide what successful treatment means to you. Will a month of sobriety be enough after the detox for you to consider the rehabilitation successful? Or do you need a longer period of time?

2. Treatment professional consultation

To better understand what your treatment goals are and to pick up the facility that will match your search criteria best of all, go to a treatment consultant. It will allow you to make a better choice among the wide range of options available, besides, the professional will help you to navigate through some nuances or rehabilitation process you might not even be aware of. Thus, the whole procedure of choosing a rehab center will become much simpler for you!

3. Investigate

Even if you have already found a rehab center (or centers) you are interested in, or a professional treatment consultant advised them, it is still necessary to do your own investigation. 

Visit their websites to get more information about each facility, or call them if there is still something you would like to know. A trustworthy and professional rehab facility will gladly answer any inquiries you have!

4. Pay attention to the center’s specialties

Each rehab facility has its specialization being good at treating certain kinds of addictions. Consider this when searching for the right option for you! If you need treatment from alcoholism, for instance, then a center that specializes in drugs or dual diagnosis will not be a great help for you.

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5. Consider their treatments and therapies

Different rehab facilities make use of distinct treatment methods, approaches, and therapy options. This is why make sure you do research on their treatment methods prior to enrolling in the therapy course. Certain methods that are good for other people might not work for you the same well!

6. Amenities offered

Of course, when undergoing a treatment course at the alcohol or drug rehabilitation center, you will not live in awful conditions! Modern facilities are not like prisons, and they do have a wide range of amenities to offer to their patients.

However, we do encourage you to check out what exactly the living conditions will be at the center you are going to undergo your rehabilitation at. This is, actually, the biggest and the most essential distinction between the drug and alcohol rehab centers.

Some rehabs provide their patients with the living conditions that can easily rival those of a five-star hotel, or they can even be better than that! On the other hand, other centers offer very basic but still very functional facilities that will meet all your needs.  

7. Location of the center

The biggest issue that appears when it comes to choosing a rehab center is whether or not it should be close to where the patient lives. Some say it is better to pick up the rehab that is far from the addict’s home since in this case, the treatment results will be better and the rehabilitation process will be way more effective. 

The farther the rehabilitation center is the better for the addict. It is easier for a person to get distracted from the familiar surroundings and break the connection with the former life. It will allow the addict to escape the toxic relationships and habits and thus the rehabilitation will have more use.

At the same time, undergoing a rehab course close to home might be useful in case an addict has commitments that are close to where he or she lives. Since such a person is usually not allowed to leave far from home, choosing a nearby rehab center is the only possible choice.

8. The duration of the rehab program

The length of a rehabilitation course matters a lot, too. If you check out, you will see that most of the rehab centers offer alcohol or drug rehabilitation programs that last for thirty, sixty, or ninety days. 

In most cases, experts say it is better to enroll into either a 60 or 90-days program since shorter ones will not give you enough time to work through all of your issues thoroughly and thus cope with the addiction. However, longer programs will be more pricey, so consider this when choosing one.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that a 30-days rehab course will not give you any results! On the contrary, there are many programs of this length that have proved themselves to be extremely efficient. 

9. Prices

The cost of a rehab program hangs upon its length and the procedures that you will undergo there during the treatment. Also, the facility itself matters a lot. Participating in a rehab course in a well-known center will have a higher price compared to the less popular facility. And finally, a person who has been alcohol or drug addicted for a long period of time might need to take several rehabilitation courses.

This is why, to ease the financial toll, there are various options that help the addicts pay for their treatment. For instance, consider checking Medicaid and Medicare, or Obamacare. Also, private health insurance can be helpful. 

10. Reviews

When looking for a good rehab center, don’t skip such a step as checking the reviews from those who already participated in its rehab programs. Having feedback from real people will help you figure out whether the particular rehab is suitable for you or not.

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Inpatient Or Outpatient Rehab? What’s the Difference?

When looking for a rehab, patients often stumble upon the same problem. Which center to choose, an inpatient or an outpatient one? Let’s see what makes them different.

  • Inpatient drug rehab means one will be staying there during the whole length of the rehabilitation program. 

Such centers are considered to be more effective with a higher success rate, especially when treating serious addictions. Also, they provide 24 hour medical support and care to their patients. 

However, staying in one of them will cost quite a lot, besides, they are quite disruptive to patients’ daily lives. 

  • Outpatient drug rehab is the one that allows its patients to stay at home but they still need to visit the facility for the treatment procedures. It makes the whole process of rehabilitation more comfortable and way less stressful compared to the one that implies staying at the rehab center during the whole treatment program! 

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They are cheaper (which makes them more affordable for certain strata of the population) and allow patients to live their normal lives when staying at home. However, such centers have lower success rates and are better for dealing with mild addictions.

If you are a parent, it is advisable that you read this article on how to lower your child's risk of drug addiction.

When being aware of these nuances and specifics of different alcohol and drugs rehab centers in the USA, it will be easier for you to decide which one to choose when in need of treatment. Also, being informed about all the issues, you will be able to choose the rehab that will suit your needs, treatment goals, and your budget best of all.


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